What We Do

Patient care advocates can help you relax, remind you to ask good questions and help you get the information you need. She can take notes during procedures and aftercare, make sure you're getting the medication you need and none that you don't need!

She will sit quietly by your bedside so that you will see a calm, friendly and familiar face when you awaken from anesthesia. She will keep the room quiet and comfortable and make your hospital stay safer and more pleasant.

We understand how frightening even a minor hospital visit or procedure can be. We are trained doulas who have provided this type of support for hundreds of women during childbirth and are comfortable with hospital staff, medical procedures and bodily functions.

Patient care advocates can contact, inform and update your friends and family members on your progress and recovery.

For more information please call, toll-free: (877) 436-8528 or send email to tracy@byyourbedside.com

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