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Patient Care Advocates will support and encourage you or your loved one to make your own informed decisions, no matter what your personal choices are.

Patient Care

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It's important to tell your Patient Care Advocate, as well as your caregivers and family members what you would like your Patient Care Advocate to know and be involved in, such as treatment decisions, changes in your condition, test results, maintaining a written record of you medications.

You may find it helpful for your Patient Care Advocate to be the spokesperson for your family and make sure your other family members know about this decision. This will provide a consistent communication link for your caregivers and can help to minimize confusion and misunderstandings within your family.

Your caregivers and family members will need to have your Patient Care Advocate's phone number, and she should have theirs. Your Patient Care Advocate should also have the numbers for your providers, hospital and pharmacy, as well as anyone else you may want to contact in the case of an emergency. You can download a contact phone list and fill it out for your Patient Care Advocate. You may also want to print copies of the family release and contact form to inform your family of your support choice and provide their contact information to your Patient Care Advocate.

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